Seasonal Cleaning Inspiration in Albuquerque

Spring Cleaning

Spring is a season known to ignite the urge to clean. Perhaps you’ve noticed the Albuquerque house cleaning frenzy that is hitting neighborhoods around the city! As with any project, it is best to make a thorough plan before starting the job. That avoids extra work or skipping important steps. The following tips make cleaning easier and less stressful any time of year, particularly when the weather turns nice and the outdoors beckons.

Quick Cleaning Tips

Move from top to bottom in each room. Stay away from the broom, mop, and vacuum until the other cleaning is done. Dusting furniture and ceiling fans put debris on the floor. Start by brushing across the ceiling to remove dust and cobwebs. Next, wipe down the walls and furniture, moving from higher to lower items. Since floors are the last item cleaned, there’s no need to worry if debris is tracked from one room to another.

Sometimes it is tempting to lock bedrooms so no one sees inside. It doesn’t work If you’ve got company coming to admire your new home. Welcome guests by using pleasant-smelling furniture polish and window cleaner. Make the beds and toss a stuffed animal or throw pillow for décor. More odds and ends such as basketballs and art projects to a basket in the closet. You can sort through it later.

Bathrooms are the next Albuquerque house cleaning step. Clear off counters. Prep the counters, tub and shower with cleanser. It’ll work on stains while you clean the toilet. Use a lava stick on any tough stains inside the bowl. Clean and wipe down the mirrors before rinsing the tub and wiping the bath area with a soft cloth. Hang a guest washcloth and hand-towel from the towel bar or a counter corner.

Place dirty dishes in the dishwasher. Wipe down appliances, walls, cabinets, and cupboards. Clean and organize the kitchen counters. Sweep, then mop the bathroom, kitchen, and any other uncarpeted floors.

Put jumbles from the front and dining rooms into a chest or laundry basket. Keep it in the laundry room or linen closet until it’s convenient to bring back out. Dust blinds before cleaning the windows. Vacuum furniture first and then the carpet to keep dust under control.

It's a challenge to do all this in a day and still feel up to having company. If you have advance notice that guests are planning to drop by, consider calling a professional Albuquerque house cleaning service to do the work. The spectacular results are surprisingly affordable, and you’ll be rested and ready for a pleasant visit with friends and relatives.

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