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Disaster Preparedness Kits

This year has proven to be a roller coaster of crazy so if you do not have a disaster preparedness kit ready for you home, you can follow these steps to make sure you are ready when disaster strikes. What should be in your Disaster Kit? Battery-operated radio and flashlight Plenty of batteries Portable phone…
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Basement Cleaning

Article by 8 Tips for Cleaning Basement While we realize that not every home has a basement and - depending on where you live - basements are not common. But much like the garage, those who do have full-sized basements often end up filling them with junk. In fact, junk accumulation is a chronic problem for many…
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Speed Clean Your Home

How to Speed Clean Your Home Great Article by Many of us seem to be short on time and need to find ways to do our jobs more quickly. This is certainly true in our household cleaning regime. Luckily, there are shortcuts, tools, and methods that will help you clean more quickly. Whether you…
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