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Spring Cleaning the Easy Way

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Spring Cleaning is one of those phrases that I tend to avoid. Well, cleaning is something I tend to avoid but spring cleaning seems sort of like a phrase that everyone is supposed to just do and that's that! If you've ever been in a "spring cleaning" kind of mood, it's your chance to really open your eyes and see your home in a fresh, new way!

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I'd also like to note that a wonderful part of spring "cleaning" can and should include spring decluttering! When you start to look around your home, move things to clean behind, or open the blinds you may notice more than just dust and dirt.

Lately, I have been hit by the decluttering bug. And by hit, I mean HIT hard. I am pretty good about decluttering, honestly, but about once or twice a year I just start to go little nuts around the house. Just ask my husband! What I do is I imagine that we are going to be moving across the country! I give myself a deadline - say 2 months - and I start going room by room through every closet, cupboard, and a shelf! I think about whether I've used the item in the last six months, or even a year. Why am I keeping it?

Last week, I share the family room update to our fireplace. Just using paint, it made a huge difference! This week, I did more updating in there. Years ago I painted all the built-in cabinetry. The fireplace sits between cabinets built by someone back in the 60s. It's great having them, and I painted them white many years ago. But, the tops of them kept getting chipped up.

October is "Fire Prevention" month and I have been preparing for disasters now even more because of how many I have been watching all around our country. I have personally had family affected by natural disasters and it has made me more aware of how lacking our household is in terms of preparation.

Last time I shared with you how I was getting that organizing itch again! Remember that? Well, I've been doing a LOT of fun projects in our home because I just love organizing and decorating! Our command center area had been working well for a while, but then it stopped really working and we needed to update it! I have the big reveal of what we did - and it's AMAZING!


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