Goal Setting

Goal Setting with Organization

More goal setting absolutely only this time we’re moving into an advanced goal setting fine-tune to especially for work in the career.

Before you try to get organized work you’ll need to pare down.  Commit to getting rid of the clutter and junk around you and streamlining your workspace just as you’ve already begun to do in other areas.  Start by mapping out some time.  Come in an hour early.  Stay an hour late.  Use your lunch hour or a series of breaks to get started.  Whenever you choose to make time focus exclusively on implementing your organization plan and don’t allow any interruptions.

Remember your boxes for sorting we’re going to use the same basic system for one-stop in your workspace.  This time your boxes will be labeled trash or use a large wastebasket put away most of this will likely be filed pass on to someone else in the company or anyone else who can use it or it might mean you need to take it.

Keep the stuff you put in the mystery box to a minimum.  You either have to find a place for it of the mystery box or eventually trash so if you can make those decisions now you might as well do so.  But if you just can’t figure out what should be done about the particular item this is the place for it temporarily.

Do the same thing here that you did earlier with your living space.  Tackle one small area at a time remember the power of just 15 minutes.

You can also try everything except your computer and phone all the services in your office in coming back the only way you absolutely need to get to the day.  You may be surprised at how little you can actually put back.  And you know what that means if you don’t use it you lose it.  When you make decisions about personal items be selective quality, not quantity.  Give them a special place and keep them to a minimum.  As you do your sorting pass the same best basic questions you asked when you unstuffed your home space.


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