Creating Downtime

Creating Downtime or Recreation

Perhaps you’re working too much overtime and never had time to play golf like you’re used to. Or maybe look to read but never have the time anymore. Or do you think about playing tennis but whenever you have the time your racket needs to be RE strung or even worse you can’t remember where it is? Maybe you need to get some new pants or dig out that’s what are you starting it or never finished. Besides tending to your physical health, you need to pay attention to your mental health as well. Playing definitely keeps us healthy.
Make a list of all the things you enjoy doing during your downtime. Number them putting the one you find most watchable prayers and the rest in descending order.


Make sure the equipment are tools you need to do the activities on your list are in good working order and easily accessible using that keep it where you use it principle.
If things need to be fixed or replaced on your master list or even better to your daily to-do list and get it done right away.

Call about courts availability class schedules meeting times, work it whenever information you need so you can take action on your calls. Have the phone numbers in your planner organizer if this is information you have to check on regularly.

What you do, make sure you give yourself time to play regularly every day if you can. And be careful not to turn play to work. The end result should be an energized dealing as well as a relaxed feeling. Funny but they go hand in hand.

Organizing for the spiritual side of your life may be as simple as making a quiet place contemplating medication or study. And it may seem to schedule some volunteer work on making some time for gardening or music. These can be simply hobbies or in a very real sense, spiritual experiences depending on how you feel about them and the place they hold in your life. Just keep your spiritual side in mind when you work your plan and a number that if you’re well nurtured in every aspect the rest of you’re the relationships and indeed the rest of your life will fall into place in a much more harmonized way.

Organizing your home and having the right tools to support you in your health and fitness goals as another critical step to achieving them.

To make the most of the professionals who care for your health and to protect yourself and your family unit in an emergency having complete an organized family, medical records is a must.


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