Hoarder’s Disorder

Utterly Uncluttered Space

Well, I’m going to give you 10 quick and easy steps to get you started on the right track. They are basic principles you can begin using immediately to make the rest of your organization's efforts fall right into place.

Pick one room or area to begin. It can be big or small as the time you have available. If you can pick an area that supports your highest priorities. Decide not to get distracted. As you note larger projects like building a storage or buying storage solutions put them down on a single list. Don’t worry about any orders or deadlines for now. This will become your mastery list but for now, you don’t need to think about what it’s called. Just keep a running list of anything that needs to be done or that you’d like to do someday. Record any areas that pop into your head while you’re plowing through your stuff.

Next set up five boxes. Label them trash put away mastery pass on and fix it or use your own labels if you like. If you have a recycling program in your area you may want to set up another box label to recycle or just bring the plastic recycling bin with you.

The purpose of the trash and recycle bins or boxes are obvious. To put away been is for stuff that doesn’t belong where you found it. It may be other people's junk or treasures or simply items you know belong somewhere else. If you have several people in your family you may want to start individual put away boxes for each so you don’t need to store again later.

The pass on boxes for stuff to hand down give to charity or sell at a garage sale anything you’re not keeping that is good to throw away. The mystery been is for things you just can’t figure out what to do it. Maybe you don’t have a place for it you’ll need to find one if you decide to keep it around. Even worse you may not know what it is true mastery stuff if at all possible ask the question in step one and make a decision not to trash recycle it pass it on or put it away. But if you’re just not sure where it goes right now and it takes a lot of time to decide you’ll have at least a temporary place for it.

The fix-it bin should only be used for items you really believe are worth fixing. If it’s been broken for five years and you’ve lived without it this long don’t bother. More about this in the trash section. Now armed with your list and your bins you’re ready to begin working through the 10 steps.


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