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You Deserve a Break Today

Another fundamental concept for changing behavior is providing rewards when you do what you set out to do. Probably the greatest reward of getting organized is having more time to spend doing the things you must enjoy. Why not make a list of these things and when you achieve one of your calls reward yourself with some time spent doing one of them. This will give you more time doing the things you enjoy and hobbies you have.
Changing the way you do things will not always be easy. And we all resist changing it makes us uncomfortable it can even be scary but reward yourself as often as possible even if it just hiring a professional cleaner, so you have more time on your hands.

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Rewards for getting organized will be inherent. There’s a good feeling you get when you can finally walk into your walk-in closet again. The feeling of a burden being lifted when you’re out from under all those books and magazines, and you can finally face the daily junk mail undaunted. There’s a simple pleasure spending an afternoon lazing in a hammock with a glass of lemonade in your hand billing that the house isn’t going to fall down around your ears. You’re prepared and up to date at work so when you choose to do something fun you feel completely guiltless, and everything you need for your downtime will be right there where you put it.

Some rewards are even more significant than you may realize. When you’re in control of your belongings and your time, it’s easier to create a bigger vision and worked forward it. You have the luxury of contemplating the grandeur most philosophical even spiritual things in life so now it is probably a good time to ask herself what’s my vision of the future.
You remember that a job interview questions where do you want to be tomorrow next year in five years will ask yourself now. Give serious thought to these familiar questions. Then move on to even if your question what do I want. But answering these questions thoughtfully and honestly should set the stage for you to get the most out of this blog and to start thinking with a bigger picture in mind what getting organized can actually mean for your future.

Putting in the resolution on this

At each time we replaced last year’s calendar, with anyone we hear all about resolutions to be made and probably broken for the coming year. Usually, these involve something we need to give up or deny ourselves, or they highlight bad habits we need a break. More often than not, these are the same resolutions we made the year before.


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