Consolidate your Home Cleaning

Consolidate and Compress

Consolidating is a natural outgrowth of these steps. When you start grouping things together, space seems to appear from nowhere. Putting things that were once scattered in several places into one compact think, it means they take up less space.

At cost associated with being spread out all over the place. Remember our earlier discussion about the value of space. One way to reclaim it is by consolidating what you have. You might find out you have unnecessary duplicates, including broken items that you’ve replaced. If you need an item and it’s broken put it in the fix-it box and her schedule time to fix it or send it to be fixed this week. If you’ve replaced the broken item already put it in the pass on box and give it to goodwill industries or similar charity. Your broken item will give work to someone who needs it and the money to a worthwhile organization. If you haven’t gotten any way chances are that since it’s been broken all this time you don’t really need it anyway.

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If you find lots of duplicates as you consolidate keep the best learn and pass it to others along. If it’s something, you keep in quantity white paper clips or rubber bands be honest about how many you’ll use in six months or year and share the rest. Unless you’re planning on opening an Office Supply outlet stocking up beyond a reasonable point is probably a poor use of your space. Here are some other ways where you can consolidate and compress.

Consolidate clothes by getting rid of duplicate outdated the ill-fitting and unused items. If it needs mending put it in the fix-it box and do it this week.

Use existing containers that are just taking up space searches jars drawers units bins boxes, sectional boxes and chests dividers, brackets caddies racks and shelves. Use them or lose them.

Apply that consolidation and small to tasks as well. Find of downtown shopping area or mall where you can get a lot done without driving all over creation. I shop downtown leave my car and walk to the post office bookstore. Specialty shops and the bank. Not only do I get a lot done you shore. I also get some needed exercise.

Look for other areas where you can pull the time. Cook double batches at one time and freeze the second batch. You are only cleaning the kitchen once but have prepared two meals. You’ll up the ante on Bolk cooking even more.


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