Closet Cleaning

Tidying Up Your Closet

Take out your organization notebook planner or use a sheet of paper and make a list of the activities you engage in during a typical week. You’ll probably have things on your list like work play tennis jog garden house cleaning work outdoors hike go out to dinner whatever. Add this to any special occasions or seasonal activities you might expect to come up in a given year. These might include a formal dinner all these parties scheme or swimming anything that isn’t part of your routine.

Now go into your closet and separate your work wardrobe into four categories work play dress up and specialty. The first three categories are self-explanatory. The last group would include seasonal items costumes formal wear and clothing that especially for a particular sport or other activity why could ski jacket or hiking boots.

Unlike some of the other organization projects you’ve done so far, I don’t recommend you break this one up into small sessions. Allow these two or 3 hours for your clothing closet bullets with a couple of shorter follow-up sessions to accomplish some of the actual redesign projects you choose to implement. Taking this task all at once will give you an excellent overall picture of your wardrobe and investing has timed out to get your closet in shaping clean latitudes impact on your everyday life.

The next process will be repeated for each part of your clothes as an organization. You’re going to one-stop your closet and later your dresser drawers or anywhere else you keep your clothes after this everything you have in your closet will be clean and ready to wear and will make you feel good when you put it on.

As you go to your closet take out the things that don’t fit or flatter you and put them in one pile if you have or black blazers and decide you really need them all, put the least attractive or lower quality ones in this pile as well. This is a pass on pile.

If an item needs to be mended or ironed, put it in a fixed pile. Decide first whether it’s worth your effort. One reason you may not have gotten around to it could be you can miss it. If that’s the case, put it on the pass on pile.


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