Organized Family Home

Organized Home

A professional Albuquerque maid service offers you unmatched dedication towards organizing homes and have them look neat and tidy all year round for the added comfort of occupants and the removal of clutter that might obstruct their daily functions. There are some key things to look out for in optimizing the home living experience.

Monitoring Bathroom Shelves

It is common for people to purchase multiple products of the same type of showering essential. To prevent clutter, consider performing routine checks of your medicine cabinets and bathroom shelves and restrict moisturizers, shampoos, shower gels, etc., to one brand per type.
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This prevents the overcrowding of shelves and cabinet space. Additionally, certain products may cause adverse reactions when used by others. This is especially risky for those with sensitive skin, another reason for selective housekeeping!

Labelling Kitchen Drawers & Shelves

By labeling drawers and shelves in the kitchen, returning utensils, crockery and any other object to their right compartment are made a breeze. This easy reference is particularly effective when someone else borrows the kitchen or you are clearing up right after a huge party.

Prioritize Lighting

Lighting is an essential component in home organization as it illuminates a space and improves the setup of any room. Bright lighting will emphasize the details of your furniture and home fixtures, exposing dirt and other impurities, which may prompt homeowners to take better care in housekeeping.

Optimize your Bed for Storage

There are a few often overlooked spots found around a bed that can be utilized for improved storage. First, there is the headboard. This may be customized to contain shelves that hold books, framed photos, and lamps for nighttime reading pleasure.

Then there are footboard areas that may contain boxes, baskets, and drawers to store heaps of items for easy access. When all else fails, it would be useful to keep household items under the elevated bedframe, including bedsheet covers, curtains, pillowcases, etc.

Utilizing Wall Space

Adding shelves to walls will prevent the overcrowding of conspicuous spaces such as cabinets, desks, and tables. You may consider storing rarely used items on higher shelves. However, do remember to perform routine cleaning of your shelves as they tend to trap dust and may be unhealthy in an air-conditioned environment.

Alternatively, you may consider installing hooks on walls for the storage of smaller items such as necklaces, bracelets, keys, lanyards or bow ties.

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