Stuff and Time

It's all about the Stuff and Time

Let’s examine your motivations for a minute. Are you doing this because someone close to you is on your case? Has something happens like you blew an essential appointment because you forgot or you can’t find the materials you were supposed to bring. Or did you to spend 2 hours looking for a wrench you know you have and finally end up driving to the hardware store so you could buy a duplicate to complete the job.

Those kinds of aggravating events can sure be the beginnings of getting motivated. But what if you take this trigger incident and broaden it? What if you decided to overhaul the more significant areas that are out of control where lack of organization seems to be holding you back and affecting your environment of life? If you look at these incidents in their broader contexts, the motivation can be even the more significant and longer-lasting.
This is going to take some work on your part, but it need not be overwhelming. You know the old saying how do you eat an elephant one bite at a time. Well that’s what we’re going to do eat an elephant I’m going to help you but you’re going to have to dig in with both knife and fork. Sure you can slap on some quick fixes, and probably make a difference at least for a while. But think of what a difference it’ll make if you work on the big picture and set up organization systems that will put your life in high gear. You can have it all if you’re willing to make an effort and see it through.

There are two essential elements you need to consider and devising a plan to get organized stuff in time. The two concepts are straightforward but being honest about how they operate in your life can be difficult if you’re willing to take a little time upfront to examine your habits and believes however you can make some powerful discovery spec and lead to far-reaching changes.

Staff includes all the material things you own things you spend time accumulating maintenance and disposing of things you think about worry about and protect. Stuff also includes what you want or need to accomplish each day. There’s always lots of stuff to do.
Time is how you measure your life and its hours, days weeks, and years. Everyone has the same of time each day, no more or less. The difference between people is how they choose to use spare time. One of the most compelling reasons to be organized is to have more time to do the things you want to do. No more lost time spent looking for things fixing or replacing items that broke because they were stored poorly or going out and buying duplicates because they can’t find the originals. By learning the dynamics of time and how to manage it, you can get the Must-do things on the way quickly so you can do the fun stuff. You can learn to arrange life, so the Must-dues are musts.


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