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Stain Busting Chemistry

Even if you never took chemistry 101 you can still be a stain removal expert.  All it takes a few basic principles a stain busting kit containing a few important ingredients and fast action stains are harder to remove when their set.  Treat stains as soon as you know spam.  Learn something about the chemistry of stain removal.  It will save you lots of money and time.  Have one hand on the following products for biting stains and learn how to use them.

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Acetone get your local hardware store don’t use nail polish remover good for taking out glue or nail polish.

Bleach both the kind for whites and for colors remove the color of the stain but not the actual stain.

Club soda excellent for removing pet stains and orders just saturate and blot up.

Color remover gets the fabric dye section of your supermarket.

Enzyme presoak this digest of Stain with powerful enzymes.  Use on protein stains like blood and chocolate.

Glycerine get at a pharmacy used to soften and is all set stains especially on wool and fabrics that don’t take kindly to water.

Hydrogen peroxide another bleaching agent.

Lemon juice use as a very gentle bleaching agent on delicate fabrics.  The effect is intensified by exposing the fabric to sunlight well saturated with lemon juice.

Low alkali soaps such as well-liked or ivory for delicate fabrics and wool.

Oil salt and use for oil and grease stains.

Oxalic acid solution are such as Zud use to remove rust stains.

Paint remover patrol in jolly for stopping up part in grease and oil stains.

Wine vinegar for removing hard water stains and other alkaline deposits.


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