10 Easy Cleaning Hacks That Will Save You Time

             Use a Dust Mop to Clean Walls

The easiest way to keep your walls clean (and do it quickly) would be to use a dust mop. Use the cleaning solution you generally use. But, instead of a scrub, use a mop.

              Lint Rollers Will Save the Day

Instead of spending hours getting crumbs out of couches and other furniture, just use a lint roller. A lint roller attracts particles and does not leave any marks behind.  You can use these rollers to clean your cushions too! So, they’re not only for clothes.

         Use This Trick to Clean Your Shower Head

We all hate dirty shower heads. You have to see them every time you take a shower.

But, taking time to clean them thoroughly is just going to make you late for work.  Here’s what you can do.

Fill up a plastic bag with vinegar and keep the shower head immersed in it overnight. Next morning, your shower head will look completely new again! Abq affordable residential cleaning.

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