Minimal Maintenance Cleaning

Cleaning for Minimal Maintenance

Once you do the major reorganizing projects all that’s left is to maintain the systems you adapted for self enjoy your newfound free time the key to maintenance to simply do a little each day every day.

This will help you solidify the progress is you’ve made and looked for ways to move to an even higher level.  Don’t panic if your efforts seem to erode and or even come unraveled.  You’ll learn some practical ways to get back on track and keep it from happening again.

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Remember on setting priorities to focus your Time and Resources on the areas that cause you the most grief confusion money time or stress.  That’s where the dividends will be the greatest.  What’s your bottom line?  Do you desperately need to get your finances on an even meal or everything else will soon fall apart?  Then do that first.  Are your disorganization and inefficiency in certain areas causing real problems with your significant other housemates or coworkers?  Then working on those areas may be your first priority.

Decide on the basics that will make your life work and do them no matter what.  The basics for most people would be: getting bills paid on time getting out of debt.  Having the dishes done every day.  Doing some weekly grocery shopping.  Making sure you get adequate rest nutrition and exercise.  Having your house tolerably clean so you feel comfortable coming home to it.  Doing the weekly wash.  Getting to work on time keeping up with your assignments.  Keeping track of appointments.  Maintaining your automobile if that’s main mode of transportation.

The systems I’ve outlined for these areas should handle them for you in a hurry.  Having in mind at an absolute minimum level of order that you won’t go below and stick to it.  What’s your bottom line.  You can always do better but maintaining this bottom line organization will give you a good foundation on which to build.

Just like maintaining your car maintain your organization systems take regular checkups and even periodic replacement parts.  Here are some regular maintenance tasks to keep everything humming.

Add to your master list of projects you didn’t get to while you were working.  Use been concentrating on high priority tasks and major Life Systems but you probably came across stats and projects and need to get done at some time.  Get them in front of you so you can schedule them for the future.

Schedule regular maintenance days.  Have closet maintenance, of file maintenance, of car maintenance, of kitchen and the financial maintenance.  If it only takes half a day treat yourself to take the afternoon off.


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