How to Reduce Springtime Allergies

Spring is in the air all around Albuquerque and Rio Rancho and if you live there you know that with it comes all the allergens and irritants that cause sneezing, sniffling, dripping noses and stuffy heads. Keep your nose clean and your head cleaner by cleaning your home and having the allergens removed from your home or office.

What Areas Are Most Important to Clean?

In your home or office, the carpet, ducts and upholstery are the largest collectors of allergy producers. Just by making sure that they are consistently and professionally cleaned you can reduce a lot of the major contributors to your allergies.

Regular Cleaning – Dusting in your home regularly including windowsills, picture frames, wooden furniture, baseboards and cabinets.

Carpet Cleaning - Even with regular vacuuming your carpet and padding can collect allergens. Having a professional carpet cleaning company clean your carpets can help drastically.

Duct Cleaning - Even with frequently changing your air duct filters dust and other allergens can get caught between your air conditioning unit and your air vents. While you can make sure to change your filters on a regular basis, it is suggested to have your ducts cleaned once a year at a minimum.

Upholstery Cleaning - Think about how long you keep your couch and how often you get it cleaned. Even vacuuming your couch only removes so much. We suggest having your upholstered furniture cleaned at least a couple of times a year to remove excess dirt.

Having a professional maid service in Albuquerque will provide you with quality housecleaning standards that will keep your home looking clean and spotless.

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