Home Organization

Home Organization

Maid services in Albuquerque provide your home with quality home organization and housekeeping to keep your living spaces neat and comfortable. Aside from professional services, we may turn to some tips that help us in maintaining the immediate home environments for ourselves, loved ones and visiting guests.

Making Use of Wall Corners

Shelves may be installed in the often-overlooked corners of bedrooms for additional storage space for books, ornaments, and other miscellaneous items. These shelves may be fixed above existing desks to reduce clutter.

Sorting Out the Problem with Cords

Electrical cords bunch up and get entangled after some use, which is why it is essential to get them sorted out before you find yourself in a messy and frustrating situation.

Consider labeling the cords, so you know where they lead to without playing the maze game each time when you need to switch on an appliance. Bread ties are excelling labeling devices for your wires. Just mark them with a sharpie or waterproof marker. Tape and markers work fine too if the bread is not your thing.

Use everyday objects to keep your wires and cords bound in place. Examples include binder clips and clothes pegs. Once the cords are packed, keep them in labeled containers for easier access to the type of wire you need without frantically going through bundles.

The Power of a Pegboard

These perforated fixtures are perfect for customization and space management. The options are limitless: install a rod, add a painting, use some hooks. With a pegboard, you get to design a space to suit your desk organization needs. Additionally, writing instruments, etc., are visible and accessible at your convenience.

Doubling up your Shoe Organizers

The pouches found in shoe organizers may be used to store other items such as cosmetics, keychains, watches, bracelets, etc. Make full use of each given compartment. Transparent plastic chambers are better, allowing easy identification of their contents.

Reusing Cookie Jars

Similarly, cookie jars may be reused to store more than confectionaries and pastries! Consider storing pens, paperclips and any small item that fits.

Hooks around the House

Installing hooks in bedrooms and strategic spots within the house optimize storage for keys, hats, and belts, without taking up much space. Examples include hooks near the main door for the house and car keys as well as some placed beside a mirror for accessories. Home organization is all about reducing clutter and making full use of your existing spaces.  https://minimaidabq.com

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