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Your home doesn’t have to be just a roof over your head.  When it’s organized with your goals in mind it becomes your launching pad for success and you’re well-deserved retreat from the world.  Depending on the attention paid to your home it can either be obstacle course you have to navigate or serve a strong base of operations.  It can be your dungeon or your castle.

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You’ve already taken some steps to one-stop your life and much of your environment.  You’ve taken the kitchen your closets in your office and made some important changes in your acquisition habits and your clutter outlook.  Now we’re going to look at the bigger picture of your home.  You’ll make some decisions about your home’s design outflows and its functionality and ease of maintenance.  And you’ll learn something about cleaning methods as well.

Remember how we weeded out your closet in the last few articles.  We’re going to use similar criteria of functionality good design comfort and attractiveness to access the items in your house.  Make a list of contents of each room in your house.  This will become the basis of your home inventory.  I suggest you start with your living room and your bedroom.  List everything each piece of furniture pictures on the wall bookcases decorative items Electronic Equipment and other contents.

Walk around your house observing it as if you’re a stranger.  Take notes on color clutter and other characteristics.  What the same environment reveals about the people who live here try to be objective, not defensive.  Next, imagine your ideal environment.  What does it look like sound like a smell like imagine yourself on a typical day in your ideal environment?  Write it down so you can refer to it throughout this chapter in beyond.  As you do your home inventory keep this picture mind.

If you also record model and serial numbers while you make your list of a photograph or a videotape of what you have your home inventory will be just above done.  Don’t forget to include equipment for hobbies such as sewing machines shop equipment and things inside drawers cabinets in the closet.

Later on, you can get the final steps in your home writing down estimated costs attaching receipts for high ticket items.  But while you take stock you might as well take your time to double duty and create an inventory for insurance purposes as well.  If you decide later to get rid of some items you’ll have an idea of what their dollar value so you’ll know what to ask as a selling price or you can estimate what to take off on your income tax if you give it to charity.


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